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Free-Floating Melodies

"And I don't care if I sing off key
I find myself in the melodies
I sing for love, I sing for me
I shout it out like a bird set free"
 - Bird Set Free, by Sia


I've realized how much I've missed rivers, pools, and lakes. While in Ecuador, I was able to go to the ocean once or twice a year, an experience which always renews me. A small handful of times, I took a bus to a city pool and paid the entry fee, but it was more chaotic than calm. I had to remember to bring a swim cap, my own lock and key to safely store things in a locker, an ID, to shower before entering the pool, and flip-flops. I was turned away once for not having flip-flops: the pool was right there across the cement floor, but an employee stood guard, refusing to let me pass in bare feet. The times I did make it in, I had to share a lane with one to three other swimmers, and had to continually keep an eye on the clock to make sure I didn't go over my allotted two hours.

There were no rivers or…

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