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Hope In The Rain

For the women in prostitution in downtown Quito, and anywhere. 

One foot against the wall knee cocked       the signal to the men strolling past        Then           a meeting of the eyes           a nod he follows her to the brothel around the corner Standing agreement with the owner  money passing through so many hands  it's a wonder we're not sick always 

We meet        there on the corner         talking about our lives as though they are similar Girl from Columbia, girl from the US, arriving in Ecuador in such different ways pondering            why some are born free and others with a price tag          always for sale, never long sold

So much being intimate           so little being known only those who call her sister and friend see behind the mask           will remember when she's gone         If I was born               with a barcode on my forehead  would hope flee my heart? Digging deep to find it within her hidden under the soil              buried, protected …

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