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Stream of Thought: Small but Strong

"I want to be okay when I'm sitting here alone
Not just thinking of the ways that I could have done it wrong
No I'm getting kinda rich on this side of any soul alive"
 - New Morning, by Alpha Rev

Saturday morning. The two eggs sizzled in the pan as I gently moved a blue rubber spatula through them. I added Swiss cheese and bits of kale, transferred the cooked contents to a bowl and mixed in some pesto. The coffee in my gleaming copper French press was still steeping, so as an audio book played on my iPhone, I picked up my bowl and fork, eating while walking slowly through the living room and dining room. I checked on my orchid, which is budding beside a dining room window. Since they say that positive communication can effect plants, most mornings I've taken to audibly encouraging the orchid to bloom while misting the roots with water. Even though I've been waiting for weeks, every day is surely closer to seeing a flower. I wait with hope.

Finishing my eggs, I w…

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