Monday, May 16, 2016

Restless River

The river is restless
From beneath my feet,
from beneath the bridge,
It goes downwards and onwards
Constant motion, constant sound
Calmed by its consistency
Stirred up by its persistence
An energy pressing on and on
Yet lulling me,
To listen, watch, and stay.

The river is urgent
Off to the ocean,
off to the sea,
Calling me to follow
Inviting me, beckoning
Must go and do and be
A manifested wanderlust
Should I follow on and on?
My heart has found,
A haven at the sea.

The river is constant
Patterns of light,
patterns of sound,
Calming my soul
Ever present, ever moving
Carving out this riverbed
A little more each year
In awhile I'll go,
The restless, wondrous calm.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Snipets of Daily Life (part 4)

"I can walk down the street, there's no one there
Though the pavements are one huge crowd.
I can drive down the road, my eyes don't see,
Though my mind wants to cry out loud"

 - I Feel Free, by Cream 

I have two silver and amber rings I love to wear. They are simple and delicate. The golden-hued resin catches the light and shows the inner texture. Ancient story on my finger.

There are many Spanish words which were  foreign to me when I first arrived in Ecuador, which now have begun to often replace my English ones in my head.
"Salud" (health), to say when someone sneezes.
"Remate" (sale, like garage sale or yard sale but in someone's home), when someone is moving and is selling a bunch of things.
"Minga" (cleaning day), when people - possibly even a whole town - gets together to pitch in and accomplish a specific task.
"Despedida" (going away party), when planning a celebration for someone who is leaving.

My family is incredible. One of my closest friends is in the hospital, and two of my sisters immediately offered ways to help. Partly because of Lindsey, because she's gotten to know and love my family for the past 12 years we've been friends, and partly for me. Because I am far away, they've stepped forward to give and do. I may be all over the place with heartache and concern, yet also with gratefulness, with thankfulness, because of them.