Quiet Accolades

"You must do something to make the world more beautiful."
- Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney

If someone said, "Come see the future,
for the a nickel and a dime."
I think instead I'd shake my head
and say I didn't have the time

Some being are born with greatness
it is in their DNA
Still there's sweat and tears and blood
for every single accolade

If I have naught of greatest
I'm alright to simply see
How singing to a couple people
could means all that's good and free

For my mother never faltered
when I asked her for a song
Thus the music's born in me
and I will bear it right along

I think we're all born holding
up a candle in the night
Just hoping human hope
that we may see some other light

At times we will need people
who will guide us on our way
Before we shine a light to others
who are wandering away

For there's beauty in the mystery
And there's poetry in pain
I'll give life my very damnedest
Even if there's much in vain.


Sandy Thompson said…
Thanks for this poem Sonnet. Sandy Jo